The best screensavers for a desktop

  • Aquarium

    ( 1Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Aquarium

    Enjoy enchanting smooth movement of aquarium small fishes from one of the most beautiful animated 3D screensavers "Aquarium".


  • Screensavers for a desktop Living 3D waterfalls 3.0

    Nothing is more captivating than a flowing waterfall. You will delight in the new 3D graphics of our most popular screensaver - Living 3D Waterfalls.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Marine aquarium2

    If you always dreamt of your own aquarium, but have no opportunity to buy it, never say die. The screensaver «Marine aquarium2» can be worthy any of other aquarium.


  • The lost watch

    ( 6.2Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop The lost watch

    With a magnificent screensaver «The lost clock» you’ll be able to observe a river bottom where the lost clock together with scattered coins lies.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Goldfish aquarium

    Do you want a real aquarium to be on your monitor? Then 3D screensaver «Goldfish aquarium» is what you need!


  • Fireplace

    ( 6.5Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Fireplace

    Divert yourself from work, sink into a condition of deep rest and harmony which gives you an enchanting dancing living fire of the screensaver "Fireplace".


  • Screensavers for a desktop Mechanical clock

    The ancient clock dial, marvelous hands and beautiful clock pendulum of the screensaver «Mechanical clock» will become a great ornament for your desktop.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Breathtaking water scenes

    Delight in the watery wonders of the world with these majestic screensavers.


Any desktop screensaver on our website is a striking animation, as well as modern and interesting 3D graphics. Any of them is worthy of being on your monitor. 

We collected the best screensavers of various themes for you. Marine screensavers, aquarium screensavers, fireplaces, festive screensavers, screensavers with animals as well as many others you can find here. Each of them is created to give you wonderful mood, joy and happiness. Installation and adjustment manual is in Help section.

Do you want to relax, dispel thoughts and rest your mind? Then download and enjoy.


Screensavers for a desktop - animated visuals which appear on the monitor of your computer when it is inactive. Most of screensavers on our website – 3d screensavers for a desktop which can be adjusted for any taste. It means you can change background images, music and many other options.

On our website you will find only the best screensavers from all over the world and will be able to download any screensaver absolutely for free.

Watching for updates on our website, and downloading regularly new screensavers for a desktop, you can easily control your mood every day. For instance, your working day was very hard. You tired and look forward to have a rest. Any screensaver on nature theme from the single-named category will help you in this case. Download it and enjoy babblement of birds, rustling of foliage, murmur of streams, leaving your problems and weariness out of borders of this magic world. New Year’s holidays come closer, but do not feel it at all? You can download New Year screensaver to uplift your festive mood. If you adore diving, sea-open spaces and depths then Underwater world category is for you! Besides a screensaver can be practical and useful tool. For instance, clocks screensaver for a desktop will help you to be always aware of exact time.

On our website you will find screensavers for a desktop for any mood. Download them for free and enjoy!


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