Fantasy screensavers for a desktop on Screensavers of "Fantasy" category will carry you into far fairy lands. In these lands earth laws are not in force, here everything is absolutely different. If you install Fantasy screensaver you will be able to be carried into fantastic wood where creatures of unusual beauty walk. Or will walk at the foot of the ancient castle, whose peaked towers reach the far deep sky. Probably you will want to call on the water mill;s owner … or to see the magic ring of malicious magician Sauron with your own eyes. Here you will find only the best Fantasy screensavers. en Tue, 08 Dec 2009 20:54:35 +0200 Fantasy world

Screensaver «Fantasy world» is the world of legends and ancient fables. Bring it closer; give yourself an opportunity to get into childhood for a while, to believe in impossible and fantastic things.

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The one ring

If you fond of magic world of a fantasy and like distractedly the fascinating saga «Lord of rings», give yourself the animated 3D screensaver «The one ring».

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With a screensaver «Watermill», you will be able to behold a picturesque landscape: trees, green coast of the pure river and a wonderful wooden small house with the real watermill.

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Black swan lake

The screensaver «Black swan lake» will carry you into a night quiet pond in the park. It is a bewitching landscape of harmony and love, filled with peace and night magic.

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Ancient castle

Animated 3D screensaver «Ancient castle» will carry you into the Middle Ages. You will find yourself to be at the foot of rock on which an amazing castle-fortress rises.

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Treasury vault

Screensaver «Treasury vault» will carry you into a legend of brave knights, treasures and dragons. Here you will meet a huge hall of an ancient castle packed with gold and its terrible guard.

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Magical fantasy forest

Touch a beautiful and mysterious landscape of the screensaver «Magic fantasy forest», travel to it and absorb its magic energy.

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Twilight fireflies

You will see a quiet mirror-like surface of the lake on coast of which fireflies flit incessantly, pleasing your look with rainbow tinges of theirs wings on screensaver «Twilight fireflies».

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Fantasy moon

Screensaver «Fantasy moon» will carry you to the fantastic ancient wood, to the old tree - house in which the mysterious fantastic character lodged.

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