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  • Butterflies

    ( 12.5Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Butterflies

    Give yourself all-the-year-round summer - just install a screensaver "Butterflies". You will be able enjoy a bewitching blossoming field and butterflies flitting over it.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Forest butterflies

    Look at a various coloring of gentle wings, bright motley colors of tropical butterflies on the screensaver «Forest butterflies».


  • Forest world

    ( 3.3Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Forest world

    Screensaver «Forest world» will give you a sense of marvelous forest freshness breathing on you from the monitor of your computer.


  • Nature

    ( 12.9Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Nature

    Fantastically beautiful screensaver "Nature" will carry you to the marvelous green coast of small silent lake in the heart of forest.


  • Sunny morning

    ( 8.9Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Sunny morning

    Enjoy magical beginning of a beautiful sunny day with the screensaver «Sunny morning». Be a witness of how the sun is giving wonderful awakening to the nature.


  • Dragonfly

    ( 5.7Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Dragonfly

    Peaceаful croaking of frogs, captivating singing of birds, flitting multi-colored butterflies of screensaver "Dragonfly" will fill your monitor with colors and life.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Garden fountains

    Screensaver «Garden fountain» will carry you to a marvelous garden in front of the ancient castle. Water murmur is heard, birds are singing, motley butterflies are flitting, pacification and rest reign in this garden.


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There are dozens of splendiferous landscapes, but not nearly each of them can be compared with what you will see if download any Nature screensaver on our website.Most of them are worthy of best world painter’s brush.

In this category you can download screensavers on nature theme and enjoy fantastic beauty which is given to us lavishly by Dame Nature. These are dense forests, virgin jungle, sunsets and sunrises, fields and lawns. These are places where hundreds of birds, thousands of insects and great number of wild animals dwell. Can such a beauty leave anyone frigid?

This beauty can always be with you. All you have to do is to download a screensaver you liked most, install it on your computer and to enjoy it endlessly.

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