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  • Screensavers for a desktop 3D Moonlight Lake

    Your mind takes over as you gaze at the shining moon reflecting on the water.


  • Mountain lakes

    ( 8.23Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Mountain lakes

    Reflect on our majestic 3D Mountain Lakes ScreenSaver. The free version features a refreshing mountain lake in the summer.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Gorgeous fall foliage

    If you like autumn, this screensaver will give you soft mood and pacification all the year round.


  • Lake scenes

    ( 8.74Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Lake scenes

    Take a minute to relax as you watch your virtual lake come alive on your screen. Download this screensaver today and enjoy the beauty of nature as the water begins to ripple, flocks of birds fly overhead, and fish swim and jump alluringly.


  • Amazing lake

    ( 3.6Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Amazing lake

    Sink into spellbinding sounds of waterfalls murmur and sonorous singing of birds. The screensaver «Amazing lake» will carry you into the world of natural beauty and pacification.


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In this category we tried and collected the best screensavers for a desktop on which lakes and rivers are shown. Probably none of us can deny that exactly lakes and rivers are the best places for rest. One likes fishing, other wants to have a swim or sail on boat, but some people like to sit and enjoy beautiful landscapes simply breathing with fresh air.

Deep lakes at a foot of snow-covered rocks, wide rivers hidden deeply in forest, all of this you can find here. Any river or lake is a small world. World, in which thousands of various inhabitants dwell. Fish dashes here, dragonflies fly, frogs call to one another, birds flit. Very often amazing wild animals can be seen here deliberately satisfying their thirst at a watering place.

Each Rivers and lakes screensaver - fantastic and inimitable landscape which will help you to rest and relax.

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