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  • Ancient castle

    ( 14.3Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Ancient castle

    Animated 3D screensaver «Ancient castle» will carry you into the Middle Ages. You will find yourself to be at the foot of rock on which an amazing castle-fortress rises.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Mysterious forest

    You will get in a small marvelous corner of ancient forest where characters from cartoon films dwell, multi-colored butterflies fly and birds sing.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Living 3D waterfalls

    Enjoy the serenity of a flowing waterfall surrounded by lush jungle vegetation. Watch the water ripple as the fish swim peacefully and colorful parrots and flamingoes glide through the sky.


  • Screensavers for a desktop 3D Spring blossoms

    In seconds spring will magically blossom on your desktop. The extraordinary scene springs to life as the trees blossom and flowers grow frequented by an array of 3D ducks, rabbits and robins with their adorable babies.


  • Horses

    ( 9.10Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Horses

    Whether at work, rest, or play, these incredible creatures exude graceful strength and beauty.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Fascinating waterfalls

    Accustom your child to the nature, show him/her a real corner of paradise in screensaver «Fascinating waterfalls» with its effective and interesting inhabitants.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Living waterfalls 2.0

    Unwind with this flowing waterfall featuring animated fish, butterflies, dragonflies, and more.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Calm before the storm

    Screensaver «Calm before the storm» will show you a lighthouse frozen in waiting for coming storm and giving hope to seamen, overtaken by a storm in the sea.


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