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  • Galleon

    ( 3.2Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Galleon

    Your screen will turn into an ancient sea which is ploughed by a magnificent galley with animated screensaver “Galleon”.


  • Japan rain

    ( 1.2Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Japan rain

    This realistic living screensaver «Japan rain» will turn your screen into a cosy corner of the land of the Rising sun during a rain.


  • Nautilus

    ( 10.4Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Nautilus

    You will feel as if you are a brave captain Nemo, ploughing underwater spaces of ocean depths in the well-known submarine.


  • Discovery

    ( 3.3Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Discovery

    Owing to screensaver "Discovery" your desktop will turn into a real world of the medieval traveller. That’s why there are less blanks on the map.


  • Pirateship

    ( 7Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Pirateship

    If you install screensaver «Pirateship» on your monitor you’ll be able to behold the sunken ancient pirate ship, explore all her corners in every detail.


  • Screensavers for a desktop Voyage of Columbus

    With the animated screensaver "Voyage of Columbus" you will turn into the brave seaman floating towards immense spaces of a storming sea.


  • Thailand

    ( 2.8Mb )
    Screensavers for a desktop Thailand

    Screensaver "Thailand" will help you to enjoy a picturesque landscape of the far-away country. You will see a photo of quiet bays with limpid water, sandy shores and fishing boats.


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Modern world is believed to be thoroughly explored by scientists and practically there are not any places left for discoverers and travellers to research. This statement can possibly turn out to be true, however owing to our screensavers you can always feel as if you are Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo.

Travelling screensavers will help you to open new worlds, without leaving sit at your computer. You will see places full of secrets and new discoveries, places where man didn’t enter for a long period. Forsaken cities of Maya and Aztecs, marine spaces, underwater worlds and many other things will please you, just download Travelling screensavers on our website.

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